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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  August 25, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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>> thank you for joining for this expanded news. but first a look with meteorologist mike nicco. >> we will talk about visibility. a lot of cloud cover and patchy
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fog but the visibility is mostly low clouds, not fog. all our visibility is pretty unlimited. the lowest creating is 1,500'. you could drive into the clouds but they are not moisture-laden so we do not have much drizzle. today we will have lower sunshine. we will have cooler conditions. 68 away the bay to 77 south pay. inland is warmest at up to 83. this includes the north bay. san francisco is 63 up up to >> we have tripled the number of after shocks since 11 o'clock last night but, first, traffic from leyla gulen. good morning, everyone. we are checking mass transit. bart never had a remember yesterday. we are on time this morning. as far as amtrak, service is restored after the earthquake.
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they inspected the tracks and everything is in good working order. so is ace, ace train number one is on time and a couple minutes early. in napa, we had close 29 at 121 all been re-opened. we start off with an accident in the santa cruz mountains. it sounds like a fatality after a car overturned. this is along highway 17. as we look at other areas of the bay area, it is running smooth across the water to the peninsula. >> the latest on the 6.30 magnitude earthquake. all schools in napa valley unified school district are closed. they will decide which schools, if any, remain closed tomorrow. >> no child care in the
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district. 211 people went to hospitals for treatment, mostly for falling debris or broken glass. one is in critical condition. six mobile homes were destroyed. a fire at a mobile home park is where this occurred. two shelters are open, the first at crosswalk community church in napa. >> in napa we bring you the latest from the scene with amy hollyfield downtown with the big clean up ahead for businesses. >> big clean up ahead them. look at the mess behind me in downtown napa. it looks like it just hit a couple of minutes, no childrenup has been done so far. bricks rained down here in the downtown area the hard of the hit building is this three story
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building. it has had earthquake retrofitting but it could not stand the shaking of the earthquake. authorities blocked off the streets for fear of after shocks and protect people from the debris. this building is 104 years old and home to a wine bar. the owners are grateful if the -- for the timing. >> if it were had between five o'clock and 10:00 at night there would have been injuries. the rest of the block is devastated. it could have been bad. building is fixable. people aren't fixable. >> the courthouse suffered serious damage in downtown, crumbling with a 10' chunk of prick and concrete shaken from the corner.
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officials do not have an estimate of the value of the damage. they have red tagged 33 build ings. >> historic downtown buildings absorbed the heaviest damage because it was reinforced mason ry. matt? yes, a few workers at the hotel say they are still closed. you can see the sidewalk in front of building is blocked off by yellow tape with debris on the sidewalk. they are waiting for an inspector. 20 to 30 are headed out to check the areas they did not check out year. 141 rooms at the hotel were evacuated. this building was not red tagged but others in the area were. others were yellow tagged
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manying you can go in for a limited time. a restaurant opened up yesterday but ran into issues. >> we are running out of things because we last stuff because of the evening. we have had so many here to serve we have run out of items bewe are weighing do. >> main of the most historic properties were the hardest hit. the older structures were let tremendous fitted but still damaged. other buildings were not modified yet. how homes do not yet have water. if you have water pressure from the tap the water is okay to drink. >> doctors do not believe the circumstance to blame for the death of a 30-year-old woman year. 17 people were admitted to the queen of the valley medical center. 211 were treated.
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a second wave of parents came in when people started cleaning up. a teen was air lifted to another facility after a chimney fell on him. another person is in critical condition. >> mare island portion of vallejo took a hit. alan wong is on the former naval base. >> we are only six or seven miles away from the center and a lot of the damage occurred along this historic treat called captain's row. these are the mansions build weapon the ship your was founded in 1854. almost all of the chimneys have collapsed. eight the homes are yellow or red tagged. this is one of 13 colonial revival two story mansions. interestingly they were build to replace the row destroyed during an earthquake in 1898.
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most of the dam appeared on the treasure and most of the stained lead glass on the beautiful homes is still intact. there is a report residential water loss and 16 water main breaks and minor road dam and minor gas leaks and power outages. 41 structures have been damaged mostly downtown. open mare island, there have been reports, three, of looting of at earthquake and police say though will be increasing their patrol today. an estimated $5 million in off a gas line and instead caused a gas leak of the authorities had to we evacuate between 15 and 20 homes at 10:00 last night. >> i was cleaning up the glass
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from the earthquake and i heard a knock at the door and he said i had to evacuate. i grabbed my dad and my dog and my roommate. >> pg&e crews were called in to cap the leak. >> now a look at the weather forecast. in addition to after shocks, this is the cool of the day of the week? >> yes. there will be decent weather for the cleanup at 77 is where it will top out in napa can breezy from time to time. 144 reports of after shocks all up and down the fault line west of napa valley. >> from shut tremendous tower, we have cloud cover that will hang around and it will be cloudy at 7:00 but one area without a lot cloud cover is the
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south bay at veteran to 64 and comfortable and cool this morning and by 12:00 we will have clouds. inland is cool at noon because of the slow nature of the sunshine breaking through the clouds. by 4:00 we will be not so warm as yesterday at 66 to 80. at 7:00 we will have clouds thicker and spread throughout the bay at 62 to 70 and coming inland with another chance of spotty drizzle tomorrow. now a check on the commute. >> walnut creek is become to work, back-to-school today, with traffic moving quite really up to highway 24. we have street closings. downtown napas with affected because of the earthquake and a lot of buildings crumbled and buckled sidewalks. main secret is an area to avoid
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at 1st and 2nd and 3rd street. main street is closed from 3rd to per because of damaged structures. still crumbling structures. had temporary repairs on highway twine and 121 with more work to be done. you can new traverse 9 -- area. old sonoma highway was affected although roads are open. drive time traffic westbound 80 between albany and the maze is only four minutes. southbound 880 from fremont to san jose is 14 minutes and northbound 280 from ohio to northbound 280 from ohio to cupertino is 11 minutes.
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4:41. >> some call it a miracle. the church spared the wrath of the earthquake. >> the power of the earthquake caught on video with the damage that was suffered. >> we have weather and more traffic all morning and gorgeous shot of downtown with ferry building and the bay bridge. >> in the abc7 you can see we are keeping shots from downtown napa with the earthquake dam and weather and traffic. all the screens will be up all the screens will be up during
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>> covering santa clara, san francisco, east and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. bay news ahead. >> look what the shaking did to the kitchen at the restaurant on main street if napa, pots, pans
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and dishes all fell on the moore the moment the earthquake struck^. the bistro did not open for business yesterday. the chef said the workers are okay spending the entire day cleaning up the mention. cleaning up the mention. >> call it difficult vein a church was spared. >> in a grove of trees, the chapel is more than a whatting church. >> it is the oldest surviving naval chapel in the country the first interdeknox national chapel in the military. you can see the ago began pipes and tell this is an earthquake some came to the floor along with flowers and shattered glass
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but the organ still plays. >> it is still working. >> what is more remarkable is this. >> the windows were installed over 30 areas because people had to raise money to put them in. >> designedded by the tiffany family of jewelry fame, and all survived. >> because it is wood, it is less rigid than other buildings and the force is not transmitted so greatly to the under withs. >> do you think god played a role? >> i hope so. i hope he is watching. >> it could have been worse because several buildings were red tagged up the road. because this chapel was not they can held the weddings which is the main source of funding for the island. now a check on weather forecast. >> mike? >> a lot cloud cover but for the
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south bay where it is clear. the clouds are moving your way. notice the southern wind in san jose from the southeast and right up the santa clara valley is holding the clouds at bay while the rest of us have eastern onshore flow at 4 miles per hour. that is why we have clouds cor -- covered. choppy east of the golden gate bridge north of the bay bridge through san pablo bay into to delta community. we will have a mild ride this morning and it will be choppy from 3:00 to 9:00. >> from sutro tower at the east bay hills the lowest clouds are and 1,900' so they can climb over the east bay hills into the east bay valley with the west wind. cooler highs today. mostly cloudy but dry nights ahead as the drizzle is less and
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less but the coast will compress the marine layer and put more moisture in a smaller player so you have a chance of drizzle this morning and the next couple of mornings. the extended area is become to summer warm county. today you can see a few green blips at 7:00 indicating how widespread and light the drizzle is and how it is mostly along the coast drying up at 10:00 and by noon the thickest clouds back to the coast and we have them punching through the golden gate bridge working north of the bay bridge through the san pablo bay and at 2:00 it will fade back to hazy sunshine. we could have sunshine along the peninsula. to the south, temperatures are going on run in the mid-to-upper 70's and los gatos and morgan hill and gilroy, mid-80's to low 80's and low-to-mid 70's on the peninsula and mid-to-upper 60's along the coast and downtown and south san francisco and sauce least. upper 70 through the north bay
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with napa topping out at 77 and richmond and berkeley, upper 60's. inland is where it is warmest, upper 70's to mid-80's. inland, the temperatures are nearly minute and mid-90's wednesday, thursday and friday and the bay is mid-80's. the coast interest san francisco is upper 60's and possibly mid-70's by thursday and friday. leyla gulen? >> the bay bridge toll plaza is business as usual and we did not have damage because of the earthquake. the traffic is building. commuters are making it in nicely with street closings in downtown napa. we have a lot of damage and plenty of buildings. we had a lot of tweets. some wonders if in were big road closings. all the big roadways, including highway 29 and 121, all
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re-opened. it is good enough to use this morning. we have street closing at 1st and 2nd and 3rd and main street. bart and capital corridor, ace train and am program, all in service. >> a couple's story of survival and an unusual way the neighbor came to the rescue. >> there was significant damage to the biggest industry of napa and how the winemakers are trying to salvage what they can. >> we have a new way to keep you in the know, we will keep live cameras up throughout the commercial break and you can see some of the earthquake damage some of the earthquake damage from downtown napa
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>> welcome back on this expanded
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coverage of abc7 news. >> napa wineries have extensive damage mostly from barrels of wine that toppled over. this is located half a mile from the epicenter, and the barrels were full when the earthquake hit. unfortunately, many of the barrels ruptured when rattleed. another winery says they are undergoing clean up and repair. >> 50 barrels of wine, 3,000 gallons. >> how much is that? >> expensive. in the tens of thousands. >> it has take were five hours to get barrels down safely and we are stacking them or separating the ones that are damaged, probably 50 or 60 them that will need to be repaired. >> wineries are trying to determine the amount of damage and calculating the losses from the earthquake. >> we will check things out with machine -- with meteorologist
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mike nicco. >> i am amazed how many aftershocks, 144, mostly so minor you can not feel them but we are watching the pressure we talked about or whether it was social media when this fault causes an earthquake it puts pressure on the other faults. >> now, baseball, rockies and giants, 63 at 7:15. 60 at 10:00 so it will be cool at at&t park. >> san jose is moving along without any problems. 280 away from highway 17, the headlights in the northbound direction are checking in at top speeds with no problems there. we do have problems in downtown napa where we have many streets closed down. the power is being restore asked most traffic lights are operable. try to avoid downtown area. highway 29 and 121, you will not
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have problems. we have an accident southbound 101 at bay shore boulevard south of san francisco away from 280 and slowing this as you can see headedup the 280 extension. northbound traffic and the city is moving along fine. >> well show you more video of earthquake damage. this is how it looked inside the safe way have market with food falling from the shelves landing all over the flow. whole foods in napa is expected to be open after the workers cleaned up the huge mess. most of the damaged goods had to be thrown away. >> neighbor helping neighbor, a person freed a couple from their bed after the head board collapsed during the earthquake open top them. the 85-year-old and his wife
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spent ten minutes trap under the large head board until help arrived. >> we knew exactly what happened but it took us a little bit for come to the conclusion we needed help. we needed it real fast. >> the couple do not know if they have to move out. the earthquake shifted the foundation of their home. >> a day after the south napa evening, new video showing the shake as it hands. we have live coverage of the damage left behind and the cleanup going on right now. >> we have another full hour of news before before break check this out, the golden gate bridge with the mauler -- smaller pictures she the earthquake damage. stay tuned.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good monday morning. a calm start to the day. 4:39. before we have the earthquake coverage, we will check on the forecast. mike? >> we look at live doppler hd and it has been in the higher elevations and the east bay hills and diabolo range. the cloud deck is high this the cloud deck is high this morning,
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you can see how high the clouds are. they will retar 9 sunshine. that is going to keep us cool. inland is only up to 83. most of the bay including the south bay and north bay up to 67. coast and san francisco 63 to 69. leyla gulen? we will start with a look at the bay bridge toll plaza because the bridges were a major concern. they never shut them down, the bay bridge, the golden gate bridge, all the bridges remains in fine working order. we did have damage to roads in napa along highway 29 and 121 but they were never shut down. caltrain was there and they made repairs quickly. we still have treated closed in and around downtown napa because of rubble in the roads. as we look at mass


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